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Best Christner’s Dishes for Flexitarians

These dishes are sure to satisfy all cravings
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Sep 25, 2023

Here at Christner’s, we have a wide selection of dishes to suit any cravings you may have. From our signature sides and main dishes to our desserts, you’re sure to find something that’ll suit your tastes. We have an assortment of vegetarian options as well as an abundance of meat dishes to choose from. If eating meat is a rare event for you, then dining at Christner’s could be the special occasion you’ve been waiting for.

Flexitarian-Friendly Main Dishes

A flexitarian’s diet is centered around fruits and vegetables but may include the occasional fish or meat. Thankfully, Christner’s menu has many options to choose from for a flexitarian’s specific needs.

New York Strip

Christner's New York Strip-style steak with peppers and seasoning

While you may not usually eat meat, if you feel like indulging for a special occasion then this is the steak to try. Our USDA Prime New York Strip is cut to order, cooked to perfection, and served fresh on a sizzling hot plate with butter. The steak is tender, rich, and seasoned with the freshest spices. For your special night out, this steak is a perfect main dish to treat yourself to.

Classic Caesar Salad

A crispy and fresh Christner's Caesar salad

Our classic Caesar salad is one of our featured salads. There’s no doubt it’s one of our fan favorites and with good reason. The salad contains the freshest romaine lettuce as well as our delicious homemade croutons, giving the salad that desirable crunch. Mixed with our fresh parmesan cheese and tangy salad dressing, the flavors combine to create a lovely experience. If you’d like to make the flavors even bolder, you can also add anchovies for a unique flavor profile.

Christner’s Salmon

Christner's featured seafood dish; the seared salmon.

Christner’s Atlantic salmon is hand-selected from the finest local markets to ensure that you get quality salmon with every single bite. This salmon dish is served with our homemade, savory Tchoupitoulas sauce. This sauce contains tomato, basil, and capers for a bold flavor that mixes well with the salmon to create a perfect meal for the flexitarian comfortable eating fish. You can enhance your dish by pairing the salmon with some of our delectable side dishes.

The Perfect Sides for Flexitarians

The main dishes may be spectacular, but the side dishes can steal the show. These dishes are essential in creating your perfect flexitarian meal. These dishes are primarily vegetables and can help you balance meat and vegetable intake.

Baked Potato

A baked potato with sour cream, chives, butter, and bacon bits on top.

A baked potato is a classic side dish that many love, and with good reason. Our potatoes are hot and fresh when they reach your table, allowing your toppings to melt together. The mixture of the many flavors creates a divine experience for your taste buds. The ability to customize your potato with your toppings is also a bonus.

Broccoli au Gratin

With so many vegetable side dishes, how can we choose just one? All of our vegetable sides are cooked to perfection, but our broccoli au gratin has a little extra to it. This dish is cooked until nice and crispy. The crispiness of the broccoli has a flavor that is unique compared to steamed broccoli. The flavor profile is delightful and the texture of the crispy broccoli is phenomenal.

Divine Desserts

After you’ve had your savory meal with side dishes, we know you’ll be in the mood for a sweet treat. To perfectly complete your dining experience, dive into one of the many desserts we have to offer. These desserts are rich and flavorful, and are the perfect way to end your Christner’s dining experience.

Créme Brulee

Christner's chef holding créme brulee topped with strawberries and whipped cream.

Crème brûlée is a classic dessert that has come to be a favorite for many. Our rich custard is thick and creamy and mixes perfectly with the melted sugar on top. This dish is a perfect balance of sweetness that you’ll desire at the end of your night. We top every dish off with freshly cut strawberries and a dollop of whipped cream.

Southern Style Bread Pudding

A southern staple is bread pudding and at Christner’s, we do this dish justice. The bread pudding is a classic recipe, one we didn’t want to tamper with. Instead, we enhance the classical dish with our own homemade whiskey butter sauce. This is a unique twist on the typical rum sauce that is used, but it’s one that only makes the dish better.

Ask for Recommendations

Whether it’s your first time visiting Christner’s or you’re a repeat customer, we’re happy to help you choose the perfect meal. Just ask your server for recommendations based on your dietary needs. We also have an in-house sommelier if you have questions on wine or bourbon pairings for your meal.

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