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Christner’s Heaven’s Door Barrel Aged Old Fashioned

Available beginning March 31
Mar 23, 2023
Christner's Custom Bourbon Traveled The World

Our Hog’s Head Barrel from Heaven’s Door Whiskey has traveled the world to find its forever home at Christner’s Prime Steak & Lobster.

This exact barrel is one of only six in the world with such an impressive story. It has even produced an award-winning bourbon, recognized as one of “The Best Bourbons of the Century” by The Robb Report.

This barrel’s journey began in Jerez, Spain, where it aged Spanish sherry for five years. It was then sent to Ireland, where it spent 15 years at the prestigious Redbreast Distillery, contributing to the creation of what many consider to be the finest single-pot still whiskey.

Christner's server holding an Old Fashioned cocktail

Following its time in Ireland, this seasoned Redbreast barrel was welcomed to the United States where it secondarily aged Heaven’s Door’s mature 10-year-old bourbon for a collaboration known as the Master Blenders’ Edition.

Now, it continues its journey at Christner’s as it barrels our signature cocktail. If filled to the top, it will become the largest barrel-aged old fashioned in the world.

What can you expect from our Hog’s Head aged bourbon? On the nose, you can look forward to the aromas of dried peels, cut fruits, balanced well with nuts and allspice. On the palate, expect a medium silky texture with caramel, a hint of marzipan, balsamic, a touch of tobacco, and flavors “of the barrel note” (from the wood used). The tasting experience begins with the signature Heaven’s Door profile of sweet citrus and a dry spice, followed by allspice and a hint of Sherry.

Come and enjoy a taste of history, as we celebrate the journey of this barrel and the art of barrel aging. Create your own story with each sip, and share it with us using #ChristnersHeavensDoor.

Join Us For Heaven’s Door Pairing Dinner

March 31st, join us for a four-course dinner featuring paired whiskeys and the all-new Christner’s Heaven’s Door Barrel Aged Old Fashioned. Special guest appearance by Austin Millspaugh, national brand ambassador for Heaven’s Door. Click here for more details.

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