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Custom bourbon collection

We’re proud to offer custom bourbons from five legendary American distilleries. Our whiskey experts chose from a selection of unique barrels to find the perfect flavor to pair alongside our menu.

Our custom bourbons are limited, single barrel offerings and availability may vary. Ask your server or bartender for pour, flight, and bottle purchase options.

Driftless Glen

As they age, each oak barrel imparts its own distinct characteristics to our bourbon. We’ve selected a unique, exceptional barrel to present as a single bottling that showcases the structure of our larger batches.

Heaven’s Door

Heaven’s Door’s annual Single Barrel Bourbon allocation is comprised both of our own distilled barrels and sourced from partnering whiskey makers. Let it take you on a tailored journey of taste and experience.


Recognized internationally, this award-winning whiskey is finished in 20 year old Oloros Sherry casks which give the Bourbon floral notes layered with fig, roasted walnuts, candied fruit and spicy rye.

Maker’s Mark #2

At Maker’s Mark, the wood-finishing series was created to explore new, unique expressions of our signature whisky. Beginning as fully matured Maker’s Mark® at cask strength, Private Selection is created by adding 10 custom wood finishing staves to each barrel.

Old Pepper Rye

In 2017 Old Pepper Distillery completed the multi-year project to rebuild the historic Pepper Distillery, which had been abandoned in 1967 for over 50 years. This label is a celebration of that project and where they showcase their single barrel picks, small-batch bottlings, or limited specialty finishes.

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