New Season of Custom Bourbons at Christner’s
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New Season of Custom Bourbons at Christner’s

Try one of these custom bourbons next time you’re at Christner’s
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Apr 22, 2023

Bourbon can make an excellent addition to any meal, especially with steak. The next time you come to Christner’s, why not pair one of our new custom bourbons with your meal? Our new season features Kaiyo, Barrel Bourbon, Knob Creek, Heaven’s Door, and Maker’s Mark.

Christner’s New Season of Custom Bourbons

Christner’s is pleased to announce our new season of custom bourbons for your enjoyment. On your next visit, check out one of these new offerings. While these brands of whiskey are well-known across the world, the bourbon we can provide to you is custom for Christner’s and you won’t be able to find it anywhere else.


a bottle of Kaiyo whiskey on a wooden tray at Christner’s steakhouse

Kaiyo is a brand of Japanese whiskey whose name means ocean. As the name suggests, Kaiyo ages all of their bourbons in barrels that are loaded onto a ship and taken out to sea for three months. The barrels are made of Mizunara oak, a wood that is much rarer than European or American oak and helps to give the bourbon its unique flavor. Thanks to the waves rocking the barrels back and forth, every drop of this bourbon is able to touch this rare wood.

Barrell Bourbon

a bottle of Barrell Bourbon on a tray at Christner’s Steakhouse

Barrell Bourbon is an American whiskey produced by Louisville-based Barrell Craft Spirits, which is an independent whiskey and rum blender best known for its unique flavor. The brand prides itself on its forward-thinking innovation and is continually seeking new methods to produce even better whiskeys.

Knob Creek

two bottles of Knob Creek whiskey next to a poured glass of whiskey with orange peels in it.

Knob Creek is a bourbon brand produced in Clermont, Kentucky. They’re known for using charred oak barrels and aging their bourbon longer in order to push for a fuller flavor. Christner’s offers two types of Knob Creek whiskey: a single-barrel select rye and a single-barrel select bourbon.

Heaven’s Door

a bottle of Heaven’s Door bourbon on a wooden tray at Christner’s steakhouse

Heaven’s Door is an American whiskey brand co-created by Bob Dylan and named after his song “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.” Every single bottle of whiskey produced by Heaven’s Door is made with iron gates created by Bob Dylan himself in his studio. This brand of whiskey is designed to be both savored and also shared with others.

Maker’s Mark

a bottle of Marker’s Mark on a wooden tray next to a poured glass of the same whiskey at Christner’s steakhouse

Maker’s Mark is a Kentucky bourbon brand that maintains the same methods of producing whiskey that they used back in 1953 when the company was first founded. Every barrel is rotated by hand and every bottle is hand-dipped. This helps to produce smooth bourbon with a full flavor.

What to Pair with Our New Bourbon Offerings

Selecting the right food pairings for your bourbon is the best way to make the most out of your meal. There are appetizers and entrees that match well with the taste of bourbon and can enhance your dining experience.


Seafood can also pair beautifully with bourbon. Christner’s offers a wide variety of different seafood options, from crab cakes, calamari, and many different shrimp dishes as appetizers to ahi tuna, salmon, and lobster as entrees. Any of these options is sure to enhance your Christner’s dining experience with a glass of one of our new bourbons.

salmon on a dinner plate with a cup of saucer and lemon slices next to it

Hennings Cheese Board

Cheese pairs particularly well with bourbon. Both cheese and bourbon have a range of flavors and the salty, nutty, or even sweet taste of cheese can really enhance the experience of drinking a glass of bourbon. Christner’s Hennings Cheese Board can be a delectable choice for an appetizer to go with your bourbon.


Christner’s is well known for its prime steak. While we’d recommend steak at any time, any one of our steak offerings is an excellent choice to pair with a nice glass of bourbon.

sliced steak on a cutting board with a knife slicing through it

Ask For Recommendations at Christner’s

Next time you visit Christner’s, don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations! We’re happy to help ensure that you get the best possible combination.

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