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The Best Side Dishes to Enjoy With Lobster

Enhance the flavors of our cold-water lobster
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Nov 16, 2021

Our cold-water lobster tails come from the deepest ocean waters and are carved tableside. We serve our lobster with clarified butter. The clarified butter, separated from the solids and water, creates a more rich and intense flavor. Pairing this rich butter flavor with the taste of lobster results in a complementary pairing that doesn’t distract from the lobster itself.

Considering what to pick as a side dish for your lobster? We’ve narrowed it down for you. From baked potatoes to creamed corn, these are the best side dishes to enjoy with lobster at Christner’s.


Plated asparagus

Greens are a go-to when pairing lobster with side dishes. Asparagus has plenty of umami flavor that balances out the flavor of lobster. This vegetable is a healthier option than other common lobster side dish pairings.

Brussel Sprouts

Brussel sprouts present a sweet, nutty, and smoky flavor. Brussel sprouts and lobster are a perfect pairing thanks to the crisp texture of these vegetables. When pairing brussel sprouts with lobster, you have both a delicate meat and a crisp, textured vegetable which complement one another nicely.

Baked Potato

Baked potato with butter at christners

The fluffy, creamy texture in a baked potato makes it a popular side dish for many main courses. The clarified butter used for both dishes helps to bring the two complementary dishes together. Baked potatoes are a classic pairing for lobster because baked potatoes are calorically dense while lobster is lower in calories. This makes for a combination that is both satiating and delicious.

Chateau Potatoes

Similar to baked potatoes, chateau potatoes are a calorie-dense side dish that pairs nicely with lobster. Chateau potatoes, potato balls that have been parboiled and braised in butter, are a heavier side dish that can balance out the sweet, rich flavor of lobster tail.

Macaroni and Cheese

Baked potatoe with butter at Christners

Macaroni and cheese is often paired with lobster. This is because the thick, creamy textures in mac and cheese complement the light taste of lobster. We offer a lobster macaroni and cheese that can be paired with our cold-water lobster for those who can’t get enough of the delicate flavors lobster presents.

Creamed Corn

The subtle sweetness of creamed corn makes a nice companion to the rich flavors found in lobster. The differing textures also provide a nice contrast between the two dishes. While creamed corn is delicious, it won’t outshine the main dish when paired with lobster.

Enjoy Lobster at Christner’s

If you’d like to try our delicious cold-water lobster, visit our location in Orlando. Our sommelier will be happy to help you pick the perfect wine pairing to go along with your dinner. Make your reservation today.

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