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What to Pair with Malbec

Perfect food pairings for this fruity wine
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Sep 8, 2021

Malbec is a full-bodied red wine known for its plump, dark fruity flavors and a smoky finish. It is recognizable as a deep-purple wine that is almost opaque.

Mostly grown in Argentina, malbec boasts bold flavors of blackberry, plum, and black cherries with nuances of violet, cocoa, coffee, and a tobacco-like finish. Though you can also find the rich wine in Chile, France, the US, and South Africa where winemakers have discovered the ideal conditions for the varietal grape.

Though malbec is far more versatile than one might think. For instance, French malbec is less fruity and more bitter, containing dominant tones of black pepper, spice, and tart currant within a glass. The magenta wine is styled differently depending on where it was sourced throughout the world, making it particularly adaptable to a wide variety of dishes.

What to Pair with Malbec

This rich grape variety has a distinct dark plum and cassis fruit flavor, which allows the wine to be the perfect partner for savory dark meat. Though the bold wine is not confined within the realm of lean meat pairings. Many connoisseurs also enjoy malbec alongside different cheeses, vegetables, desserts, and even some fish.

Without further ado, let’s explore the different food options offered at Christner’s that pair well with malbec.

Blue Cheese Lettuce Wedge

When it comes to cheese pairings, oftentimes lighter cheeses are dominated by the strong fruity notes of a malbec. This makes blue cheese an excellent contender; the strong flavors harmonize together, while the fruity flavors of the wine enhance the complexity of the cheese.

Carole's filet served with chateau potatoes

Carole’s Filet

As a smoky, medium to full-bodied red wine, malbec is a natural match for meat. Leaner cuts in particular are an ideal partner for malbec, owing to the wine’s mild tannins and short finish. Better yet, Carole’s Filet is served with chateau potatoes, a side that is a match made in heaven for malbec.

Christner's lamb chops


The savory and rich flavors of lamb require a bold and smooth wine that is abundant with tannins, making malbec an appealing option. Not many wines can stand up to lamb, but the strong flavor and texture of malbec combine spectacularly with the dish.

Christner's atlantic salmon


This may be surprising, but malbec can even be paired with fish. While the options are limited, richer-bodied fatty fish like salmon work well. Served with homemade creamy tomato, basil, and Tchoupitoulas sauce, the bold flavors of Christner’s Atlantic salmon balance the strong tones of malbec.

Sauteed Mushrooms

Out of a plethora of side options, sauteed mushrooms stand out as the top choice when dining with a glass of malbec in hand. The soft, smooth texture and rich plum flavors of the wine pair spectacularly with the earthy umami of mushrooms.

Christner's chocolate cake

Chocolate Cake

While it is more challenging to pair a dry red wine with dessert, you cannot go wrong with malbec and chocolate cake. The chocolate compliments the fruit notes within the wine’s aroma while the rich texture of a chocolate cake can stand the strong flavors brought by the wine.

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