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What To Pair With Pork Chops

Make the most of your pork chops meal with these pairings
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Jul 17, 2023

One of Christner’s most popular dishes is our 14 oz. Berkshire Tomahawk chop. To make the most out of your Christner’s pork chop meal, it’s essential to choose the right pairings. This means selecting not only the right side dish but also the right beverage to round out your meal. The following are some side dishes and alcohol pairings that we recommend.

Try Our Berkshire Tomahawk Pork Chop

Christner’s pork chop meal consists of a delectable 14 oz. Berkshire Tomahawk chop. Berkshire pork comes from Berkshire hogs, which were discovered in England centuries ago during the time of Oliver Cromwell. Since then, the popularity of Berkshire pork has risen across the world and it consistently sets the standard for pork quality today. We use only the best ingredients for any of our dishes, and our pork chop is no exception. Next time you’re at Christner’s, give this delicious bone-in pork chop a try.

Christner’s Side Dish Pairings

It’s important to make the right side dish pairing to complete your pork chop meal. Vegetables can be very tasty options that pair well with our delectable pork chops. Here are the best side dish options to try.

potatoes au gratin with butter on top on a plate

Potatoes au Gratin

Potatoes make an excellent side for a wide range of meals and pork chops are no exception.

asparagus with nuts and seasoning on a white plate


Another excellent choice for pork chops is our tender, pencil-thin asparagus.

a Caesar salad on a plate

Caesar Salad

A Caesar salad is an excellent choice for any meal. It’s a lighter option that can brighten up your meal with its tangy flavor.

three bottles of whiskey on a white tablecloth

Christner’s Custom Bourbon Pairings

Wine is a traditional pairing with pork chops and while we’d recommend anything off of our wine list, you should take the opportunity to try a glass from Christner’s Custom Bourbon Portfolio with your entrée instead. Ask your server or our sommelier for recommendations when you order one of these excellent whiskeys that you can’t get anywhere else. Offerings and availability may vary.

a glass of whiskey in front of a bottle of Maker's Mark

Maker’s Mark Private Selection Bourbon

Christner’s partnership with Maker’s Mark has resulted in this custom private selection bourbon that you won’t want to miss. Maker’s Mark is a handmade Kentucky bourbon whiskey from a distillery that goes back several generations in the same family.

a glass of whiskey on a tray in front of a bottle of bourbon

Barrell Bourbon Private Release

Christner’s also has a custom bourbon from Barrell Bourbon, which offers a delectable blend of bourbons from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana that mixes four different ages of bourbon.

a glass of whiskey with an orange peel in it next to a bourbon bottle

Kaiyo Whiskey

Kaiyo whiskey comes all the way from Japan and is matured in Mizunara oak barrels, which have to be hand-made because of the delicate grain of the wood. Christner’s custom whiskey from Kaiyo can make for an excellent pairing with your pork chops.

a bottle of Heaven's Door whiskey on a tray

Heaven’s Door

Heaven’s Door is an award-winning whiskey that was co-created with Bob Dylan. In fact, the name of the whiskey comes from the title of one of his songs. This custom blend of both craft and art makes an excellent option for your meal.

a glass of whiskey in front of two bottles of whiskey

Knob Creek

Knob Creek is a high-end bourbon distilled in Kentucky. It is one of Jim Beam’s four small-batch brands and Christner’s has a partnership for a custom barrel. Try a glass of this special bourbon next time you’re ordering pork chops.

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