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What to Pair With Prosecco

How to best enjoy this sparkling white wine
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Dec 22, 2020

Prosecco is a popular sparkling wine from Italy. It’s delicious alone, paired with pastries, or served alongside brunch as a Mimosa. You’ll generally find this wine in a brut style, but extra dry and dry are also available.

This wine comes from Prosecco or Glera grapes and uses the Charmat sparkling method for the production of the wine itself. This process creates multiple atmospheres of pressure to create long-lasting bubbles. Prosecco is often pushed as an affordable alternative to Champagne, but that doesn’t make Prosecco any less enjoyable to drink. It presents a profile including honeydew melon, pear, honeysuckle, green apple, and cream.

Here’s how you can pair this sparkling white wine for the best matches.

What Pairs Well With Prosecco

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Prosecco pairs with cured meats, fruit-focused meals, and seafood quite well thanks to its sweet flavor profile. Turn to the following go-to pairings to bring out the best from your choice in Prosecco.

Crab Cakes

Prosecco is great among light party dishes and seafood, making crab cakes an ideal match. The subtle sweet and savory flavors found in most crab cakes pairs well with the flavors found in Prosecco. Try a dry brut style of prosecco when pairing this wine with seafood.

Mandarin Orange Cake

Both orange cake and Prosecco are light and present delicate flavors. The bubbles in the Prosecco help to intensify and bring forward the taste of orange in the cake. This benefits both the taste of the cake and the wine.


The acidity in Prosecco works with salmon for a consistently pleasant pairing. We recommend trying drier proseccos when pairing with salmon. Proseccos are generally rather sweet, but the sweetest options go best with desserts rather than seafood.

Mandarin Orange Cake

Our Mandarin Orange Cake and a glass of Prosecco make a lovely pair. Each helps to accentuate the flavors in the other. This Prosecco is light and airy, which brings out the intricate flavors of the Mandarin Orange Cake.


The fizz and sweetness of Prosecco, along with its standard pear and honeysuckle taste profile, make it a great pair for sweet salmon dishes. Grilled salmon dishes with teriyaki style flavoring are especially well-matched with Prosecco.

The History of Prosecco

Prosecco comes from Veneto, Italy from a thin-skinned green grape grown for hundreds of years. The grapes Prosecco is made from produce high yields and result in a wine with moderate to high acidity that is light to medium-bodied. Prosecco is most often served frizzante or sparkling, although you can track down a still Prosecco if that’s what you’re after. Prosecco’s roots undoubtedly began in Italy, but the current production of this wine has expanded to Slovenia and Australia.

This sweet sparkling wine is a popular option known for its versatility. Our in-house sommelier is happy to assist you with pairing your Prosecco with items from our menu. Book a reservation today for an elevated wine-drinking experience.

Try a Glass at Christner’s

If you’d like to try a glass of Prosecco, visit our location in Orlando and pair it with our Salmon or Mandarin Orange Cake. At Christner’s, we have more than 4,500 bottles of wine to choose from. If you want assistance in selecting a wine, our in-house sommelier is happy to assist you with finding pairings.

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