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What to Pair With Shiraz

How to best pair this dry red wine
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Jan 31, 2021

Shiraz is a dry red wine commonly called Syrah. This bold, full-bodied wine presents a strong smoke and pepper flavor with black fruits. This wine, depending on its origin, will be fruity or tannic. Shiraz is generally a deep ruby-purple color with a higher alcohol content than most wines.

If you want a true Shiraz wine, you’ll need to pick wines from warmer growing climates. This often includes Australia. While Syrah and Shiraz come from the same grape, the growing climate where the wines are produced can produce distinctly different flavor profiles.

Here’s how you can pair Shiraz for the most complimentary matches.

What Pairs Well With Shiraz

red wine in glass

This spicy red wine pairs best with big, bold flavors. You can rely on the following pairings for reliably tasty outcomes.

Grilled Meats & Vegetables

Grilled meats and vegetables pair nicely with Shiraz, especially when featuring black pepper, rosemary, and red sauces for seasoning. Spinach is especially well-matched with Shiraz. Avoid uncooked greens and butter, herb seasonings that will clash with Shiraz’s tannic structure.


From burgers to steaks, the bold flavors in beef can compete with the striking flavors in a glass of Shiraz. When cooked with mild spicy seasonings, beef can accentuate the rich flavors present in most Shiraz.

Bread Pudding

When pairing desserts, you don’t want either wine or dessert to wash out the flavors of the other. Warm bread pudding has a nutty spicy flavor which varies depending on the baker. This plays nicely with Shiraz complementing its own spicy flavor profile.

USDA Prime Strip

Rich meats with hints of pepper or cumin flavoring bring out the deep fruit taste within Shiraz. This makes the rich, savory taste of USDA Prime Strip a delicious pairing option.

USDA Prime Steak

The marbling in USDA Prime steak pairs well with Shiraz because the fat makes the tannic structure smooth and pleasant. Those savory flavors in steak also bring out the dark fruit hints within Shiraz.

The History of Shiraz

In the 1830s, cuttings of Syrah were brought to Australia by James Busby. After that, the grape made its way to South Australia. It was here that it became Shiraz. Although the reasoning for this name-change isn’t clear. It is believed it could be due to misinterpretation due to accents or because of mislabeling during production.

Shiraz grapes (Syrah) originated in Italy and France. There it has more herby and acidic tasting notes than the fruitier and spicier wines found in Australia. Shiraz is also produced in the Americas.

Shiraz wines are a delicious option that pairs well with many items on Christner’s menu. Our in-house sommelier can assist you with pairings during your next visit.

Try a Glass at Christner’s

If you’d like to try a glass of Shiraz, visit our location in Orlando and pair it with our USDA Prime Steak or New York Strip. At Christner’s, we have more than 4,500 bottles of wine to choose from. If you want assistance in selecting a wine, our in-house sommelier is happy to assist you with finding pairings.

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