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What To Pair With Southern-Style Bread Pudding

Know which dishes and drinks will prepare you for our rich southern-style bread pudding
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Oct 19, 2023

Christner’s’ Southern-style bread pudding is a sweet, custard-like dessert with flavors of vanilla and brown sugar. The brown sugar and bread pieces make the dish taste rich and give it a special flavor that you can’t find with any other dessert. We make it our own by adding a delicious whiskey-based sauce, turning it into a dish you simply can’t pass up. With such a unique dessert, you’ll want only the best pairings. Thankfully, we’ve compiled for you a list of dishes and drinks that would pair perfectly with our bread pudding.


We’re proud to offer many custom bourbons and whiskeys from our partnership with five legendary American distilleries. Because of our special relationships with these distilleries, we have a custom bourbon selection you can’t get anywhere else. Additionally, our wine list contains over 4,500 bottles for our guests to choose from. Out of all these selections, we’ve hand-picked some of the best drinks to pair with our lovely bread pudding.

Barrell Bourbon Private Release

A bottle of Barrel Bourbon on a tray.

Our custom bourbon from Barrell Bourbon offers an extravagant blend of bourbons from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana. The blending of these bourbons means that there are four different ages of bourbon in one bottle. This bourbon has a hint of spice and sweetness that will accompany the rich, dense sweetness of the bread pudding. This drink will ensure that your tastebuds aren’t overwhelmed with too much sweetness, creating the perfect balance to accompany your dessert.

Christner’s Manhattan

Chrisnter’s Manhattan in a martini glass with the different bottles of liquor and ingredients in the background.

With our collaboration with Maker’s Mark, we were able to obtain a private selection of bourbon from Kentucky. With this unique bottle of Maker’s Mark, we decided to put a twist on the classic Manhattan. Christner’s Manhattan is a mix of our Maker’s Mark Single Barrel, Angostura Bitters, muddled orange and Luxardo cherry finished with a splash of soda and, of course, served on ice. The bitterness of this drink will complement the sweetness of the bread pudding, making every bite you take of the dessert feel like the first bite. There’s still a bit of sweetness from the bourbon, but it’s balanced out with the bitters and the citrus from the oranges.


A bottle of champagne being poured into multiple glasses.

Bread pudding is a classic dessert and, as such, it deserves a simple, classic drink to pair with it. Christner’s offers many fine bottles of champagne, but any of our selections would be perfect with our decadent dessert. The airiness of the bubbles makes the drink taste lighter and crisper, which is the complete opposite of the dense and rich bread pudding. The slight opposition of these flavor profiles means that both the dessert and the champagne flavors will be enhanced.

Main Dishes

It may be tempting to order dessert at the beginning of your meal, but if you decide to take the traditional approach, you’ll want to find the perfect main dish to precede your bread pudding. Christner’s offers an assortment of dishes ranging from steaks to seafood that will prepare you for the star of your dining experience: the Southern-style bread pudding.

Berkshire Tomahawk Porkchop

Berkshire Tomahawk pork chop cooked and placed on a plate.

Our porkchop is one of our best sellers, and for good reason! This 14 oz. piece of pork is perfect for those who love rich flavors and tender cuts of meat. We season this thick pork chop with fresh herbs and spices, but the flavor of the pork itself will take your breath away. This dish is the perfect dose of saltiness that will prepare you for the sweetness of our bread pudding.

USDA Prime Strip

Steak being cut and placed on a plate.

Christner’s is known for its prime streak, so we know you’ll want to try our strip. Our prime strip is served in two different ways: one for yourself or a prime strip for two. This strip is served already cut into beautiful, bite-sized slices and is cooked to perfection. The tenderness and flavor of this steak are unique. This dish is enough for you to get your fill of steak but also leaves you yearning for a sweet little treat.

Sesame Seared Tuna

Sesame seared ahi tuna next to a mix of soy sauce and wasabi glaze.

Tuna is a rich and flavorful piece of fish, so adding a nice, crisp sear elevates the dish. This sesame crust gives the tuna just enough extra flavor without overpowering the true, tuna flavor. Our tuna is seasoned with a soy ginger glaze and wasabi cream, blending the sweet and spice flavors beautifully. This fish dish is light and flavorful at the same time, preparing you for the dense and intense flavors of your dessert.

Side Dishes

The details matter here at Christner’s, which is why we put so much thought and care into our side dishes. We know that the side dishes can make or break a meal, so we only offer the freshest and most delicious options to pair with your main course. After all, the meal is the precursor to your dessert, so it needs to all pair together effortlessly.

Baked Potato

A baked potato with chives, sour cream, and bacon on top.

The starch of the potato is one that is loved by all. We offer potatoes in many different forms, but for the best pairings with your bread pudding, why not customize your side dish? Our baked potato is light and fluffy on its own, so when you add your favorite toppings such as butter, sour cream, cheese, or bacon, it makes this potato’s flavor much better. This side dish is as good as you make it and you can choose to add as little or as much as you’d like. Our suggestion is to make it as savory as possible, that way the sweetness of the dessert will be refreshing.

Lobster Macaroni and Cheese

Continuing on the trend of savoriness is our lobster macaroni and cheese. The mix of lobster meat with cheesy noodles is unbeatable. The richness of this side dish alone will have you ready for a nice plate of bread pudding, maybe even two.

Sautéed Mushrooms

Vegetables are always a great side dish to compliment your main dish, but our mushrooms are sure to compliment ANY main dish you choose. The versatility of this side dish makes it perfect for seafood dishes, steaks, pork chops, and even soups. The light seasoning and the butter used to sautée the mushrooms emphasize the tasty flavor of the mushrooms. This side dish is rich and delectable, making it a perfect pairing with the density of the bread pudding.

Ask Your Server and Our In-House Sommelier for Recommendations

Next time you stop by Christner’s, ask your server for main and side dish recommendations that will lead well into your bread pudding dessert. For the ultimate drink pairing, ask for our experienced in-house sommelier, who can help you find the perfect drink.

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