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Now Pouring Ivanhoe Park Brewing’s Toboggan Blonde Ale and Joyland American IPA

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Apr 8, 2024

Indulge in the newest additions to our lineup from Ivanhoe Park Brewing: Toboggan Blonde Ale and Joyland American IPA.

Ivanhoe Park Brewing Company

Located in Orlando’s historic Ivanhoe District, Ivanhoe Park Brewery pays tribute to the pioneering spirit of George I. Russell, founder of the early 20th-century amusement park Ivanhoe Park, later renamed Joyland. Today, Ivanhoe Park Brewery blends Orlando’s rich history with a commitment to using only the finest hops, barley, and malts, ensuring each sip embodies excellence and consistency in its core selections.

Ivanhoe Park’s Brews on Tap at Christner’s

Now available at Christner’s, enjoy two new brews from Ivanhoe Park: Toboggan Blonde Ale and Joyland American IPA.

Toboggan Blonde Ale

The Toboggan Blonde Ale offers an inviting and accessible drinking experience, perfect for both newcomers and seasoned craft beer enthusiasts alike. With its smooth character and medium-bodied profile, this brew takes you on a delightful journey of flavor, satisfying and enticing with every sip. Its simplicity is its charm, making it a no-frills ride that’s easy on the palate. At 5% ABV and low in hops, Toboggan Blonde Ale is the ideal starting point for anyone embarking on their craft beer journey.

Joyland American IPA

Named after Ivanhoe Lake’s iconic 1900s amusement park, the Joyland American IPA is crafted to tantalize the palate. This 7% brew bursts with malt and hops up front, and culminates in a slightly dry finish to accentuate its robust bitterness. Notably, it has been the most entered category at the Great American Beer Festival for a decade straight!

Pairing Recommendations

At Christner’s, indulge in a meal that’s perfectly paired with our curated beer selection. Discover dishes designed to complement your pint and enhance your tasting experience with our variety of expertly matched options. Ask your server or our in-house sommelier for recommendations.

Pairing Your Toboggan Blonde Ale

Complement your Toboggan Blonde Ale’s light notes with our selected seafood and salad options:

  • Shrimp Sampler – A light, flavorful beginning
  • Dinner Salad – Fresh and crisp
  • Classic Caesar – With a creamy, tangy dressing
  • Blue Cheese Lettuce Wedge – A bold, refreshing choice
  • Beefsteak Tomatoes and Sliced Onions – Simple, yet profound

Pairing Your Joyland American IPA

The Joyland American IPA pairs well with our following cheese and fish selections:

  • Hennings Cheese Board – A variety of textures and tastes
  • Salmon – Perfectly balanced
  • Sesame Seared Ahi Tuna – Rich and subtly sweet with a hint of nuttiness
  • Grouper – Mild and meaty

Finally, consider wrapping up your evening with our Mandarin Orange Cake, which splendidly complements your Joyland American IPA for the perfect finale.

Celebrate National Beer Day With Christner’s

National Beer Day is celebrated on April 7th to commemorate the 1933 enactment of the Cullen–Harrison Act. This legislation allowed the production of mild beer during Prohibition. The excitement was palpable, with Americans lining up at breweries the night before, and staggering amounts of beer consumed the day of, giving rise to the holiday we anticipate each year. The festivities kick off a day earlier, on April 6th, with New Beer’s Eve, a precursor to the main event. While National Beer Day and New Beer’s Eve are an excellent excuse to celebrate, you can celebrate the excellence of our beers any time. Make your reservation now at Christner’s and join us in honoring this beloved tradition.

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